On Election Day, vote “Yes” to adopting the Community Preservation Act (CPA) for the Town of Hull.

What is the fund…

A CPA fund is a dedicated fund for local community preservation projects and is composed of the following:

  • Revenue from a 1.5% surcharge on Hull residents’ property tax bill (approx. $75 a year for the average household; see the CPA calculator)
  • Matching funds from a dedicated CPA state trust fund paid into by all state taxpayers

Approximately $499,435 is expected to be raised in the first year for Hull. Any funds raised by the CPA can be used as leverage for additional grant money or bonding.

Why we need the fund…

Adoption of the CPA will create a dedicated fund for the following four (4) purposes:

  • Open space
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Community housing
  • Historic preservation

Each year, the money raised must fund or be set aside as follows: 10% for open space or recreation, 10% for community housing, 10% for historic preservation and the remaining 70% across any or all of the categories.

Hull has needs across all of these areas and not enough money to fund them.

How we use the fund…

Adoption of the CPA was first passed at the 2016 Annual Town Meeting.

If approved by voters on Election Day, a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) will be created to decide how to appropriate funds.  The CPC will be made up of seven (7) people as follows:

  • a Conservation Commission Member
  • a Planning Board Member
  • a Historical Commission Member
  • a Housing Authority Member
  • a Board of Park Commissioners Member
  • an At Large Member (chosen by the Selectmen)
  • an At Large Member (chosen by the Selectmen)

Use of funds approved by the CPC must also be approved by the citizens of Hull at the Annual Town Meeting.

Where we use the fund…

The CPC will make recommendations to the citizens for their approval, but some high-need projects already identified include:

  • Playground at the Dust Bowl
  • Repairs to Town Hall
  • Renovations at Fort Revere
  • Funding for affordable housing in the Waveland area
  • L Street Field repairs
  • Renovations to the A Street Firehouse

 See how much it costs:


Notes on the calculator:

  • Based on the 13.48% tax rate in Hull
  • Though not reflected in the calculator, Hull adoption of CPA will provide an exemption to certain qualified seniors and low-income residents

Some additional FAQs:

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that we have heard from the community:

Q: How many communities have repealed the CPA?

A: Zero. Two have attempted, but the repeal was voted down by the communities.

Q: What was the lowest percentage match from the state?

A: 25% of the town’s contribution.

Q: How much money has CPA generated?

A: Close to $1.4 BILLION has been raised to date for community preservation funding statewide.

Q: Is my CPA surcharge tax-deductible like the rest of my property taxes?

A: Yes.

 Want to learn more?.

For more information on CPA and its benefits, see:

 List of supporters

  • Hull Housing Authority
  • Historic Commission
  • Board of Library Trustees
  • Conservation Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Paragon Carousel

 For any questions…

Email Jason McCann at mccann.jason@gmail.com