The Planning Board of Hull, Massachusetts supports the Community Preservation Act (CPA) for the Town of Hull, which will provide state and local funds for open space, recreation, affordable housing and historic preservation.

Vote “Yes” on Article 14 at Town Meeting on Monday, May 2nd

See how much it costs:


Notes on the calculator:

  • The calculator is not mobile-friendly, so be sure to open on your computer or laptop
  • Based on the 13.48% tax rate in Hull
  • Though not reflected in the calculator, the Planing Board is propose to exempt certain qualified  seniors and low-income residents

Review our presentation:


And read some FAQs:

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that we have heard from the community:

Q: How many communities have repealed the CPA?

A: Zero. Two have attempted, but the repeal was voted down by the communities.

Q: What was the lowest percentage match from the state?

A: 25% of the town’s contribution.

Q: How much money has CPA generated?

A: Close to $1.4 BILLION has been raised to date for community preservation funding statewide.

Q: Is my CPA surcharge tax-deductible like the rest of my property taxes?

A: Yes.

Q: How is the CPA Committee formed?

A: The Committee is created by the local legislative body – Town Meeting, City or Town Council, or Board of Aldermen – which passes a bylaw or ordinance to that effect. The bylaw or ordinance spells out the committee’s composition, length of member terms, and whether the option “at large” positions are appointed or elected, as well as outlining the responsibilities of the new committee.  The committee consists of at least five required members, one voting member from each of the following municipal committees: Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Historical Commission, Housing Authority and the Board of Park Commissioners. At the discretion of the community, and codified in the local bylaw or ordinance that establishes the committee, each adopting community can create up to four additional “at large” members on their local committee. These additional members can either be elected or appointed positions as determined by the adopting community. The Planning Board supports “at large” members of the committee.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Planning Board webpage to get information on upcoming workshops, community meetings and general Board meetings.  If you missed a meeting, search our recent meeting minutes.

We plan to submit CPA adoption at the 2016 Annual Town Meeting.

For more information on CPA and its benefits, see:

List of supporters

  • Hull Housing Authority
  • Historic Commission
  • Board of Library Trustees
  • Conservation Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Paragon Carousel

For any questions…

Email Planning Board Chair Jen Constable at